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The all-natural alternative to internal cleansing.

Shudh™ provides an all-natural alternative for internal cleansing that works faster and results in a more thorough cleanse. Shudh™ is ideal for people who are fit enough to do a little exercise.

Shudh Deluxe Personal Cleansing Kit

Shudh™ Multiple Use Internal Cleansing Kit

Everything you need for a safe regimen of internal cleansing every 2 - 4 months.

Each multiple use kit contains:

  • 12 pre-measured 9-gram packets of U.S. pharmaceutical grade salt, (sodium chloride 99.99%)
  • 32-ounce Shudh™ pitcher
  • Complete usage information and demonstration DVD.
  • Provides 4 - 6 Cleanses (1 Year Supply).

Legal Disclaimer: The Shudh™ product contains Salt sachets, DVD, Pitcher and brochure. None of these expires. By mistake we had printed expiry date on our product. We are replacing the printed expiry date with manufacturing date.