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The spirit of shudh™

Hatha yoga joins the masculine energy of the sun and the feminine, receptive energy of the moon to produce balance. The Hatha tradition holds that "powerful work" must be done to prepare the body for meditation, and shankh prakshalana is one of the six great purification practices–or kriyas – that cleanse the body of noxious influences.

The Maharishi (great sage) Patañjali codified the experiential wisdom of the ancients in the Yoga Sutras over two millennia ago. His teachings are the inspiration for the shankh prakshalana practice we use today

Through the natural action of water, salted to the same salinity of the body itself, and the five rigorously specified poses, the shankh prakshalana process opens pathways that have become occluded and stimulates the body to spontaneously respond.

In the Hatha tradition, purification transcends the physical, and leads to a lightness of being as well as body. Practitioners speak of a palpable sense of virtue and relaxed energy as they embark on their meditations or simply proceed along life’s many paths.